Chidinma Sex Tape Scandal: Chidinma Denies Sex Tape Rumours

Chidinma SexTape Scandal - Chidinma Sex Tape Rumours

Truth about Chidinma sex tape Scandal

Local singer Chidinma Ekile has denied rumours that she has made a sex tape which went viral.

With tears in her eyes, Chidinma Ekile, the ‘Kedike’ and ‘Emi Ni Baller’ crooner has cried out, denying in very strong terms ever making a “Chidinma sex tape” that has gone viral on the Internet.

In the malicious Chidinma sex tape, there is a lady who has a striking resemblance to the 2010 Project Fame Season 3 winner, but for those who have seen Chidinma, she is definitely not the lady in the tape.

To further support her claims, Chidinma has come out to say she could not have been involved in such sex scandal as potrayed in the so-called Chidinma Sex Tape since she is still a virgin.

“I didn’t make any Chidinma sex tape o, I have no idea where that tape is from and I am still a virgin o,” she said. She also promised to sue those behind the dastardly act.

According to the report, the singer said it’s impossible for her to have a “Chidinma sex tape”, because she is still a virgin.

“I didn’t make any Chidinma sex tape. I have no idea where that tape is from and I am still a virgin.”

While admitting the girl in the Chidinma sex tape video had some form of resemblance with her, Chidinma insisted some mischief makers wanted to discredit her and tarnish her scandal free reputation.

“I have never been involved in any kind of scandal. That is why I feel so sad about this. The mischief makers went ahead to hack my twitter account and opened a fresh account. They are now saying that the hacked account is fake while the one they opened is the ‘real’ account.

“I am trying not to feel bad about this but it is not easy. Thank God for my fans who believe so much in me. They have stood by me and they have also come out to say that the girl in that tape is certainly not me.”

chidima sex tapeOkay-if you were looking to see a Chidinma Sex Tape, you’ll have to wait a little longer till she looses her virginity :-)

Hmmmmm Chidinma Ekile….we hope its true sha…but celebrities are just like politicians…to stay afloat, they do crazy stuffs…in the entertainment circles, bad publicity is good business looking forward to the obvious truth about the chidinma sex tape

:-l Wishing you well Chidinma Ekile.

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